The croupier’s job is a profession or a way of life

The profession of croupier looks very exotic from the outside. A croupier in a casino is the person who runs the game, and his duties include seemingly opposite things. A croupier should be customer-oriented and maintain a friendly environment at the table with a “customer is always right” attitude, but also be able to be tough when necessary. When it comes to mathematics and the rules of the game, mistakes are unacceptable; after all, it’s all about the money the customer or the casino is winning.

The attempt to optimise these functions has led to the fact that, on the one hand, some casinos already have robots that work much faster and cannot play at the customer’s hand or make mistakes due to inattention. On the other hand, increasingly popular online casinos are proving that watching a pretty girl shuffle hands or spin a roulette wheel is far more interesting than watching a soulless machine. Equally important is live human interaction.

Perhaps we shall see how the question is resolved in the future, but in the meantime, croupier jobs in casinos are traditionally performed by people and such jobs have their advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of being a croupier

  • Stress

The most important thing for a croupier is a steady nervous system, as stressful situations are not uncommon in casinos. Fast-paced gambling involves paying out bets every 1-2 minutes, so the brain is constantly working.

It is the dealer’s responsibility to keep track of situations where a player is trying to cheat, i.e. play unfairly.

The dealer must be able to manage his mood so as not to exacerbate conflict when casino visitors behave aggressively under the influence of emotions. Sometimes players use foul language that even the cobbler in the famous proverb does not know. After calming down, the same person may apologise for the rude behaviour and leave a tip.

Moving to another table, a croupier should switch instantly, forgetting all bad emotions, to make jokes, compliments and create a good mood for other players who came to the casino to have fun, not to swear.

In decent casinos, player aggression towards the dealer is discouraged. A metal detector is located at the entrance, guards are always present, and players who do not control their actions may receive a blacklist, which means a temporary or permanent ban from the casino.

Nevertheless, dangerous situations do occur. In Turkey gambling establishments were banned in August 1997, after one of the visitors opened fire. Nowadays, Turkish casinos operate only in large hotels, and the local population is not allowed to enter them.

  • Shift working hours

Working at night or on a floating schedule is hard enough in itself. There may also be overtime – extra hours of work after shifts when the casino is in “business”.

Benefits of working as a croupier

  • The Luxery atmosphere

In a good casino it is a pleasure not only to play, but also to be at work. High-quality music played by a DJ, famous dancers, musicians and showmen on stage. The casino is always a party, and the staff, coming to work, leave all the problems at home, plunging into a carefree atmosphere of fun and excitement. Expo halls are decorated by famous designers and you can learn how to cook the best delicacies from the chef of the casino (though he will not tell you all his secrets of course).

  • Stable income and confidence in the future

The income level of a croupier remains quite high. Depending on their skills, experience and location, a casino dealer’s monthly income averages between $3,000 and $4,000, but even locals struggle to get this job because of the lack of turnover.

The croupier profession is an international one, meaning that the same standards apply in every country and there are few differences in the techniques and rules of the games. Therefore, if the law or the economic situation in the country changes, croupiers won’t be out of work.

Knowing at least one or two spoken languages, at least at elementary level, it’s easy to find a job in one of African countries, Northern Cyprus, Laos, the Philippines. If you have a work permit in EU countries or America, as well as good experience and fluent language skills, you may expect higher earnings than in the above mentioned places.

For those willing to put their lives in danger for the sake of more money, there are options in politically unstable territories such as the Congo and Kurdistan.

As an added bonus – in all casinos around the world, the employing company pays income tax and quite often compensates the lodging and meals of the gambling establishment’s staff.

  • A croupier’s profession promotes self-education and personal growth

In any job involving communication one is constantly evolving, but in a casino the situation is special. Emotional players at the table don’t hesitate to point out croupiers’ shortcomings, and not just external ones.

Any casino employee, from the dealer to the general manager, with his or her breadth of vision, erudition, and sense of humor, can command the respect of casino guests, and even the behavior of the players, who are very wealthy and powerful people who are not much of a surprise. Such a person enjoys interacting with the players and receives far fewer unpleasant epithets in his address from losers of large sums. Many people find these skills useful in other professions as well.

  • Working in a casino is one of the social lifts and a free choice

A croupier’s profession is one of the few that makes a career out of skills, not family connections, the right acquaintances and kickbacks. With little time spent on courses for croupiers (from one to several months), you can master the profession and grow in it or get the education of your dreams while working.

Night shifts are ideal for students, many of whom view casino work as temporary. The truth is that by the end of their studies, some don’t end up working in their field, having made a brilliant career in the gambling industry.

Many people associate casinos with vice, and this is partly true. It’s where they gamble big money, drink alcohol and smoke. But the staff on the other side of the table see it differently. Regardless of whether a player comes to realise their need for excitement in a legitimate way, to get a dose of adrenaline or to release negative energy, the croupiers strive to do their job to the highest standard, helping players to experience vivid emotions and enjoy the game.