3 ways to collect addresses for a mailing list

Email marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your business audience and creating new sales opportunities. It’s good if you make a sale to customers when they visit your site. In the event that visitors leave the site without making a purchase, there is no guarantee that they will return later.

When you build a mailing list of existing and potential customers, you get the opportunity to reach out to prospective customers with targeted messages.

Here are three ways to help you integrate email marketing into your website and stay in touch with potential customers:

1. Create a newsletter subscription form on the home page.

Perhaps the easiest and most common way to create a mailing list is with a mailing list form on your website. To grab attention, place the form “on the first screen” so that visitors can see it immediately without scrolling down.

You can get the mailing form code to embed into your site. To do this, you first need to register the email address you’re sending messages from with one of the email marketing services, which can cost around $20 a month. The cost will likely increase if your subscriber list grows larger than 5,000 people. This type of company allows you to collect email addresses, manage lists, and send messages to your subscribers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating an email form:

as a general rule, the less information you require to subscribe to a newsletter, the more registrations you will receive. Most webmasters only require an email address and a name – or even just an email address. The result is a high number of subscribers;
you will get better results if you offer a bonus for providing an email address. For example, providing a coupon or free e-book leads to more signups.

2. Add a newsletter subscription on the “About” page.

Don’t stop at your home page. Enable the second newsletter subscription form on the “About” page. After all, these visitors were trying to learn more about you and your business.

By adding a newsletter signup form to the main body of your About page, you can expect to double your registrations.

3. Integration of the subscription function in the comments section of the blog.

If you run a company blog, you can integrate the subscriptions window email into the comments section. You can reach people who have already shown an interest in your opinion.

Some email marketing service providers offer specific blog plugins that allow you to add email subscription functionality quickly and easily.