Social media contests

Regulations on the competition – do you need it? How to write?

Like any document, the Regulations on the competition must meet certain rules and a number of questions about the stages and rules of the competition, and, importantly, about its organizer or organizers.

This is necessary so that the audience immediately understands that they are dealing with high-level pros, pleasant events and surprises are guaranteed. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the correct design plan.

The title page is a press release: the logos of the organizing company, as well as sponsors and employees, should be placed at the top.
The item “Approved” in the upper right corner – after the development of the Regulations must be reviewed and signed by the main organizer, after which the Regulations come into force.
In the upper left corner – you should place general information about the Regulations: the name of the competition and its description in simple – one or two sentences.
In the center, it is worth creating the 1st heading “Introduction”, where you need to describe in more detail the essence of the competition, talk about its organizers, and also express gratitude to the sponsors.
“General Regulations” – instructive section: inform who can become a participant in the competition, join the jury, etc. Here you should talk about the limitations and benefits for those wishing to take part in the competition.
In the same section, indicate the rights and obligations: keep in mind that everything must be written down to the smallest detail. Otherwise, you can suffer greatly.
In the relevant section, indicate only accurate information about the rules of the competition: here you also need to notify about the procedure for evaluating the competition and tell everything about the prizes.
Make “Appeals” a separate item – indicate what grounds exist on which it will be possible to appeal the results of the competition, and how exactly this can be done. Both the participants and the jury of the event must familiarize themselves with it.
At the end of the last page, you need to specify contact details and place logos again. It is desirable to make the final chord of the Regulations – Parting words to all participants with the wish of good luck to them.

life hacks

Use tables when drawing up a document – this will diversify the text, make it easier to understand, and give it structure.
Highlight important phrases and sections: otherwise participants will not read a long position from beginning to end.
Underline the necessary fragments, highlight in bold, but do not overdo it.
Remember – there must be a golden mean in everything.

What should be taken into account? Where to begin?

Immediately you need to choose the mechanics of the competition. But for each task it is different, that is, one will differ from the other, and not only from competition to competition, but also from social network to social network. There are typical mechanics. But again, it all depends on the social network.

On Instagram, these are mainly tag contests, for example: “tag a friend”, as well as a comment contest. It is worth noting that repost contests in stories and feeds are currently fading into the background.

In the social network “VKontakte” the most popular type is the Contest of reposts. Competitive activity counting mechanics are popular, when it is considered which subscribers were active during the week: likes, comments. The most active subscriber receives a prize.

It should be noted that the success of each competition is affected by its compliance with the chosen goal, the clarity and clarity of the rules, their wording should be clear to each subscriber.

The success of the contest brings the number of subscribers, how much activity is at the start of the contest, and whether the promotion of the contest in targeted advertising will be launched. Finally, another factor influencing the success of the competition is brand trust.

Types and examples of competitions

Brand promotion contests

Popularization contests require a lot of investment, both financial and mental. By and large, this is a complex promotion. Examples:

  • photo, drawing, video and other creative contests;
  • challenge contests;
  • quiz competitions;
  • review contests;
  • photo contests;
  • meme/art contests.

Most often, we can see such contests on Instagram.

Contests to attract a new audience

Requires competent management of an advertising campaign. It is necessary to create a good motivation for the target action. The vast majority of mistakes are made with this type of competition. Examples:

  • contests of reposts, likes, comments with a subscription condition;
  • mailing list contests;
  • chatbot contests.

In the modern realities of social networks, attracting new subscribers is of two types: a set of general subscribers to a community/public/channel/account; recruitment of subscribers to mailing lists/chat bots/messengers.

The first option today is the most common and, by the way, the most labor-intensive.

Contests to increase sales at times

The most beloved, but also the most banal, mechanics of popular brands. Often everything ends with the following, as in the well-known Soviet comedy “The Diamond Arm”, the house manager said: “Whoever takes a pack of tickets will get a water pump.”

In such contests, there are 2 logical and very predictable ways:

  • Doubling the prize as a result of a purchase or receiving an additional prize.
  • Discount stories, coupons, promo codes, etc. integrated into any other contest mechanic.
  • Opportunity to participate in the competition only after the purchase of goods.
    The real kings of sales explosion contests are McDonalds: their well-known “Monopoly”.