An American in Paris – A Solopreneur Interview

 If you’ve ever thought of breaking away from your cubicle, working on the road or just from home. This Interview is for you! I found this Interview on Career Style Notes which was started by Mary Goldsmith who is an amazing career consultant. I have personally worked with Mary and signed up for her VIP mailing list this year. You can find out more about Mary here. Katherine Levasseur is a Designer and Businesswoman who now lives in Paris. Yes I know! Take a deep breath. Mary asked Katherine about her career journey and experience as a solopreneur. You can read the full interview here.   Check out Katherine’s site Madam Levasseur here and her Etsy Store. Here […]

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Why it’s the Best Time in History to be a Writer

Do you ever get this feeling that we are living in the most amazing times? I do!  In less than a hundred years we have gone from horse and cart to holding mini computers in our pockets. In this moment in time there has never been a better time to be a writer or creative. Here’s why: Whatever talent, interest or passion you have you have the opportunity to put your work out into the world. You can write about anything you want. The Gatekeepers have gone. We don’t have to wait to be chosen. Just think about that. You can hit publish on a blog or self publish your essays, poetry or […]

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The Basics of Self-Publishing

So you want to self-publish a book. Congratulations for making it this far! I’m assuming you have something finished but if not, get writing! You can worry about all this stuff later believe me it’s only going to overwhelm you! But if you are still curious don’t let me stop you, just keep reading. Formatting Your File for an e-book You will need to either learn how to turn your manucript into the different ebook formats or pay someone else to do it. The choice is yours. I use and recommend Scrivener. The two main reasons are you can organise your whole book or random chapters and scenes in one interface […]

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How to Market a Book like a Kardashian

Marketing for an Indie Author is what Ryan Searcrest was to the Kardashians. Without it our books and ideas just wouldn’t get out into the world. When Ryan Seacrest discovered the Kardashians who would have known they would become one of the most famous and successful families on reality T.V. I have to admit sometimes I watch Keeping up with Kardashians when it’s on E. When Kim is at NY Fashion week or has changed her hair, I confess I click on the story. I have watched their rise to fame and fortune since the first season. As an author this is the stuff of dreams. Of course we all want […]

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