5 Top Tips on being a more resilient writerResilience is by far one of the most important factors in a successful writers career. We’ve all heard the rejection stories of famous writers and wondered how on earth did they go on? How does one become a more resilient writer?

Years ago I went to a Resilience Workshop. Work paid for it and it was bliss. Two days of learning about the mind, the importance of health and I enjoyed seeing the teacher hook himself up to his laptop to show us the benefits of meditation. I watched the graph get steady as he slowly reduced his heart rate.

Years later the principles still ring true and now that I’m on this writing/creative/self-publishing journey, I have tweaked them for writers and creatives. So here are my 5 Top Tips on being a more resilient writer:

1. Be Rocky Balboa

When you get knocked down. Get up. For every rejection, bad review, twitter troll or whatever it may be, make the decision to get up and keep getting up. Roll with the punches.

2. See Failure as an Opportunity to Learn

So what your book bombed, your agent dumped you or you didn’t get that book deal. Make it better for next time or go in a different direction altogether. Think about the advice that was given? What did you learn from this person? Look at what you can gain from this experience rather than what you lost.

3. Be your own Cheerleader

Cultivate and nurture a positive relationship with yourself. You’re stuck with one another so why not? Don’t be your worst enemy. Be your best friend. Be kind to yourself and give credit and encouragement when needed. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your book has already been written it’s just waiting for you to give it life.

4. Be a Writing Ninja

Ninja’s are well trained, physically fit and they are fighters. If you get hit, it can knock you out but the more trained and fit you are the faster you can get up. Resilient people are physically fit people. The roller coaster ride of emotions will not be as extreme. Ideas will flow when you go for a walk. Energy will flow in and out, helping you to bounce right back.

5. Be a Problem Solver

Maybe your blog, chosen genre, series of books is not working out. Whatever it is do try and solve the problem rather than sinking into a whole of despair. Problem solve how to change directions, change a plot, rewrite those edits, create new characters, start a new blog or write something new.

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