I'm-dropping-my-pen-name,-here's-why.The last year or two has been a complete whirlwind. I never thought my writing, books and blog would get any eyeballs. I thought everything would disappear into oblivion. Sure I’m not selling hundreds of thousands of books but I feel like things are slowly moving forward towards my goals.

So anyway I’ve been thinking for a while now of changing everything into my real name, Nicole Cappelleri. My reasons for putting everything in N.C Harley were because of privacy (I was a little shy) and I thought my real name was too long and complicated to spell. So I’ve decided I’m slowly changing everything over. Who knows maybe my Italian name is too long or complicated but stuff it! My mum is disappointed because she was the real Miss Harley.

In the next few weeks the book, blog and FB will show Nicole Cappelleri and not N.C Harley.

This is a big transition for me. I asked James Altucher what I should do and he said put everything in your real name. I know he’s right but it’s so scary, all the more reason to do it!

Here’s my new Amazon Author Page for Nicole Cappelleri.

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cappelleri