Why-I-don't-care-about-money-(at-the-moment)In my family I constantly get asked that annoying question ‘When are you going to make some money?’ and my answer is usually ‘Soon. I’m trying to create a backlist first.’ or ‘I’m trying to create a long term career and build up my subscribers.’. I even give the ‘I’m waiting to finish my fiction book.’ answer. All these answers are true of course. They are not empty answers I say to get my family off my back. I don’t really care about money at the moment.

Sure I have made a little money from coaching and my books but not enough to say ‘I’m making a living from my writing!’. When that moment comes don’t worry I will shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know.

What I really think is happening is most people don’t think something is worthwhile unless you are making ‘big’ money and people expect it to happen to straight away. But the writing world doesn’t work like this. Selling books is notoriously difficult but really all businesses are difficult to start. Also the writing world doesn’t work like the real world. You’re not trading your hours for money like a regular job. It’s a slow burn.

So yes I’m waiting and working to create a backlist, a long term career, a decent email list and finishing my fiction book. I keep plugging away because I have to. Sure its uncertain but this is why I love it.

Happy writing :>

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