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Smashwords Annual Survey and going into 2016

Going into 2016, you probably have so many plans your brain is going to burst. Or maybe you just want to finish that one book you’ve been working on for years (I hear you!). If you’re thinking about self-publishing in 2016 Smashwords is the place to go if you want a platform to manage all your listings. The following Slideshare presentation is from a survey conducted by Smashwords earlier in the year. You might think that the below data collected by Smashwords is out of date but I think it’s still relevant and there are so many golden nuggets to take away so enjoy.   2015 Smashwords Survey – How to Sell […]

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How to create a coloring book that sells

This post is going to show you how to create a coloring book from scratch, self-publish it on Amazon and everything in between. If you own an adult coloring book and thought ‘I want to do that!’ or you’re just curious about the process, this is the post for you.   What is an adult coloring book?    They are literally coloring books for adults with more detail and a twist. I say with a twist because most of them are catering for the self-help market. There are coloring books for mindfulness, creativity, balance, peace, relaxation and much more. Some are just for lovers of dogs, cats, patterns, fashion and again much much more. For some reason […]

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Why I don’t care about money (at the moment)

In my family I constantly get asked that annoying question ‘When are you going to make some money?’ and my answer is usually ‘Soon. I’m trying to create a backlist first.’ or ‘I’m trying to create a long term career and build up my subscribers.’. I even give the ‘I’m waiting to finish my fiction book.’ answer. All these answers are true of course. They are not empty answers I say to get my family off my back. I don’t really care about money at the moment. Sure I have made a little money from coaching and my books but not enough to say ‘I’m making a living from my writing!’. When that […]

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Six figure Romance Books and other Kindle Spy Secrets

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw for the first time what romance books make in the Kindle Store. I had read somewhere Romance was the biggest category but not that big! I can’t remember the author/blogger who recommended Kindle Spy but it has been one of the greatest little inventions I’ve seen for writers and authors. With one click on the Kindle Store you can see estimated sales revenue for books and categories. What is Kindle Spy? Kindle Spy is a New Unique Software Application ‘Reverse Engineers’ The Kindle Marketplace & Reveals Lucrative Kindle Niches – In Seconds!”.  If you have Google Chrome its a simple extension near your browser […]

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