roller-coaster ride of emotions

Depression and the Writer

I personally don’t think writers are any more susceptible to depression than anybody else in this world. Creative or not creative it can affect anybody, anytime, at different stages of our lives. After coming out of a recent mini black hole I decided to write about my own experience but the main reason was I haven’t written anything in over a month and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to write about the very thing that stopped me from writing in the first place. Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist. Depression is serious so please seek help if you need it. All thoughts below are my own […]

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When you want to quit writing

Last week I wanted to quit writing. I decided I was over it. I was sick of the roller-coaster ride of emotions. The roller-coaster wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t sure if it ever was fun but I was done. It was allot of things. Not being productive, the grammar police had destroyed a post of mine, emails from haters and I think just restlessness. It sounds silly but I had been reflecting on time and how fast it’s passing. Being a thinker and feeler, I was stuck in my head over analysing everything. I was past paralysis analyses, I just wanted to quit. I thought about my uncomplicated quite life […]

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