2016 Reflections

Well, the year is nearly up and thank god it’s almostĀ over! It hasn’t been the best year but I’ll try and be as positive as I can. Positives I created an online clothing store with Shopify! Probably the only positive of the year. Check it out here. Learnt some new marketing techniques in my new day job this year. I went to Italy and soaked up the art, culture and sightseeing. I had been dreaming about going back to Italy for a while and now it’s out of my system, I can finally relax. Social Media. I got an Instagram account for my store which I’ve been enjoying plus a […]

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When you want to quit writing

Last week I wanted to quit writing. I decided I was over it. I was sick of the roller-coaster ride of emotions. The roller-coaster wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t sure if it ever was fun but I was done. It was allot of things. Not being productive, the grammar police had destroyed a post of mine, emails from haters and I think just restlessness. It sounds silly but I had been reflecting on time and how fast it’s passing. Being a thinker and feeler, I was stuck in my head over analysing everything. I was past paralysis analyses, I just wanted to quit. I thought about my uncomplicated quite life […]

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