The No. 1 Tool for Goals I Just Discovered

Recently I got bogged down by the ‘overwhelm’ and fell into bad habits….again. I’ve always been someone who knows what they want but can’t seem to actually do it. Then I happen to see the finalists of Shopify’s latest Build a Business Competition. You know, the competition where you get to go to Necker Island if you win and learn from the masters like Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo. One of the finalists was the SELF Journal: Your Daily Structure for Success. How it Works The SELF Journal helps organize and align your tactical day-to-day tasks with your larger life goals Year long planning leaves too much time to procrastinate. Crafting […]

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Why keeping a Journal can change your writing life

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” ― Christina Baldwin Most people are their own worst enemies. How many times have you said you are going to something and you don’t. What gets in the way is our overactive minds. Thoughts, feelings, negative talk, thinking about the past, thinking about the future, questioning things, talking ourselves out of something, too much thinking, the list is endless. Many years ago I read and completed the The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Each chapter is finished with an exercise or task to rediscover and revive your creativity. One of those things is Morning Pages. If you’ve read the book you’re probably familiar with the […]

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Best Notebooks of 2015

I love notebooks. I could shop in stationary stores for hours. Here are my pick of the best Notebooks of 2015. Theres nothing like a fresh batch of notebooks waiting for you when you get home.   Decomposition – Notebook – Extra Large (19x25cm) – Ruled – Bird Song I love Decomposition Notebooks. The covers are pure fantasy and fun. Buy here.   Decomposition – Notebook, Large, RULED – Celestial Give me stars and constellations any day. Buy here.   Mi Goals – Goals Book – A5 (15x21cm) – Soft Cover Tis the time to set goals. Buy here.       Kikki K GOALS JOURNAL: MINIMALIST Simple black and […]

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