Active Affirmations – 70% Done. Needs more research and rewriting. Must Collect examples soon.

Children’s Workbook.  A Print book Idea I came up with a couple of months ago.

About Me Page. I have no explanation why this has taken me so long to do.

Novel – Confessions of a Comperholic – A 90,000 word monster that I can’t seem to tame but I’m getting there slowly.

Novella. Starting soon. It’s a secret.

Going to the beach. It’s Summer in Australia!

Currently My Mantra is…..

‘Experimentation is the essence of living a satisfying, productive, fulfilling life. The more you Experiment, the more you learn, and the more you’ll achieve.’ The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

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Last Updated: December 2015

Bonnie the Staffy