How riting has positively influenced my life

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I thought I did everything right in my life. I went to University, got a business degree and I managed to get a relatively good job in the corporate world at a major bank, my life seemed like it was on the right path. The only problem was, I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t reconcile the two that is until one day.

I don’t remember what had happened exactly but I remember feeling completely bewildered and frustrated with my finance job. This particular day has always stayed with me and I remember what I did like it was yesterday. I opened a word document and started writing.

When I started writing something cathartic happened. There was a chemical reaction and then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. You see my whole life I knew something about myself that I had always ignored. When I sat in my cubicle day after day. I was numb, a walking depressive, miserable and worse of all there was a sense of betrayal. I had turned my back on my creative self.

That creative spark had always been with me. I always had an insatiable appetite for all things artistic and creative but I never took any action. I was blocked. Those first words I put to a document was like a gate had finally been opened and it was OK to run through it.

Fast froward to today and I have written and self-published a short non-fiction book Active Patience, written a full length novel to be released soon and started a blog. All things that I could of never of conceived years ago.

Writing has given my life meaning and fulfilling work to pursue. It seems my creative self was always true self.