How-to-Manage-the-pull-of-too-many-projects-I don’t know where I was but suddenly the idea came to me. I questioned whether I could do it. My sister said ‘You need an artist!’. I agreed but still I tried. Then I realised I could do it after all. I totally surprised myself. What happened next was an intense 2 weeks of creativity. My new project had take over my life. Everything else fell down the cracks. But I couldn’t stop.

After the intense creative spurt, next I felt what was typical for me. Feelings of guilt, failure and overwhelm. What about my other projects? Some had been ongoing for years? You know those novels, the ones you are going to finish one day. I felt like a failure because it was ‘not another project!’.

Creativity works in ebbs and flows

Once this intense creative period was over and I was sliding back to normal. Blogging, writing here and there. Everything slowly started to balance itself out. I was being pulled in too many different directions. I was working on ‘everything’ and nothing was being neglected. I was still overwhelmed but everything returned to calm. This new project has challenged me in so many different ways and has been a crazy ride but I’ve loved every minute of it.

What I’ve learned in the last month is this:

  • New projects are good.
  • New challenges are good.
  • Stress is good. It can challenge you and propel you forward.
  • Projects get old and stale.
  • Every project has its own timeline.
  • Everything works in cycles.
  • Sometimes you need a little craziness.

When you feel the pull of too many projects know its a temporary situation. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Ride out the highs and lows. Ride out the anxiety. Ride out the overwhelm. Ride out the tug of war. Ride out what you think you should be doing. Its always an adventure worth taking.

More to come on my new exciting project which nearly finished and will be ready to ship soon.