I just read a great post by Joanna Penn on one of my favourite Indie Blog’s The Creative Penn. The post was a reflection on turning forty, something that is a few years off for me but it definitely got me thinking about how far I have also come in the last few years.

Joanna has some great tips and you can read the full article here.

I wanted to also share what I have learned in the last few years in the hope it might help you too:


I wanted to start a blog for two years before I actually took the plunge. Then it took me six months before I was happy with my blog and really found my voice. Now I blog regularly but I wish I had of just started. A year from now you are going to wish you had of started now.


When I started writing my first novel maybe 4 or 5 years ago now, I spent a whole year stuck. I couldn’t push through. I avoided and procrastinated. I day dreamed about taking a year off and writing which I ended up doing. It was a complete failure because I hadn’t worked out my issues yet. Then I got my Writing mentor Sydney Smith and slowly I learnt to push through and stop giving in. Pushing through often feels like you are ploughing snow from a road. A the end of the day you only need a small path. It doesn’t have to be monumental. Small steps are OK but keep pushing through.


When I took my year off, it was probably 2 years too early. I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t figured out the big picture yet. I wasn’t clear on what I was building or creating. This is important. Getting clear on your vision for your books, brand and blog will give you an invisible road map to stick by. When I started to write Active Patience I knew I wanted Active Affirmations and then Active Miracles. I also knew the kind of fiction I wanted to write. It was all clear to me and still is. Sure you will veer a little of course occasionally but you have the roadmap so you can create with the vision in mind.

Things from Joanna’s Article I have yet to learn:

  • Balancing Consumption with Creation: I still consume allot of podcasts, news and blogs when I know I should be writing.
  • Scalable Income and Intellectual property: I’m not quite at this stage yet and still learning.
  • The Compound Effect: I know it works I just struggle with being consistent but I’m getting better.

I will finish off with a quote from the article….

The only thing stopping you is you