25 Easy Ways to Fill the Creative Well

There’s nothing worse. You want to write but nothing comes out. The creative well is empty. If only being creative was like a switch you could turn on and off. Staring at a blank page can feel like you are staring into the abyss. It’s scary as hell to think you might be out of ideas. You know overall what your story is about but its all the little details in between you just can’t figure out.   The Creative Well’s Call for help Sometimes the creative well is tired, lazy, out of date, out of practice, blocked or just plain empty. It can manifest in many ways and Knock you […]

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The key elements of writing a book

I like to call books projects or writing projects. Not the school kind of project but more like a part of your life you are working on. Calling a book a project is I think the first step to realising your book is a living breathing entity. To live, breath and thrive the entity requires water, oxygen, fire, wind, time and space. They require all hands on deck. You have needs and the story has needs. The stakes are high for everyone. Below is I think the basic building blocks of such an entity. Water Ideas need to be nurtured. Creativity needs to be fed. Words need to accumulate on the page. Conflict […]

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Tap into your Weirdness

Image found on Stop looking outside and start looking within. Who gives a toot about what other people think. Stop trying to impress others. Stop trying to be someone your not. Write the book you want to read and not the book you ought to write. Ignorance is often underrated. Everyday we are surrounded by boundaries and rules or how something should be done. The greatest reward in your work will come, when the work itself comes from your core. This is when it surprises and delights. The most rewarding moments I have had with my work is when I thought ‘Where did that come from?’ or ‘Thats not […]

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An American in Paris – A Solopreneur Interview

 If you’ve ever thought of breaking away from your cubicle, working on the road or just from home. This Interview is for you! I found this Interview on Career Style Notes which was started by Mary Goldsmith who is an amazing career consultant. I have personally worked with Mary and signed up for her VIP mailing list this year. You can find out more about Mary here. Katherine Levasseur is a Designer and Businesswoman who now lives in Paris. Yes I know! Take a deep breath. Mary asked Katherine about her career journey and experience as a solopreneur. You can read the full interview here.   Check out Katherine’s site Madam Levasseur here and her Etsy Store. Here […]

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