Do you ever feel like everything is bullshit?

OK maybe not everything but I often wish I didn’t get so wrapped up in small insignificant and meaningless BS. Which is why I have created these handy little notebooks available on the Amazon store. Hope enjoy and release your bullshit everyday!   Description: The My Bullshit List Notebooks put a modern spin on the daily journal. Think less of what you did that day and more of what was total bullshit. Daily frustrations, conflict and stress will disappear when you write them down in this handy little notebook. Your daily bullshit will be in an easy to read list with corresponding numbers and the date. Small enough to take […]

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November Selection: Book Cover Designs

It’s nearly the end of the year and I’m really excited about next year but I still have allot of things to do before December 31st and summer heat bear down on us in Australia! This month I have chosen a mixed bunch of book covers and I am loving YA covers at the moment. Here they are enjoy:   Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman In this vibrant new historical novel, the acclaimed author of The Plum Tree and What She Left Behind explores one young woman’s determination to put an end to child labor in a Pennsylvania mining town. . . The first thing that stands out with this […]

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October Selection: Book Cover Designs

Usually I pick out a mixture of cover designs I see in my book stalking travels but this month I spotted all of them in the latest Goodreads Newsletter. Must be that time of year. Soon the Christmas novels will start rolling out soon. My favourite in October’s selection is the gothic grave one below. I’m hanging out to do a gothic grave cover one day (maybe a future short story?). Sit back and enjoy the design binge: Warning: I’m Australian so I spell differently: colour instead of color. Please forgive me.   Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits: A Novel by David Wong What stands out the most with this cover […]

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Why I don’t care about money (at the moment)

In my family I constantly get asked that annoying question ‘When are you going to make some money?’ and my answer is usually ‘Soon. I’m trying to create a backlist first.’ or ‘I’m trying to create a long term career and build up my subscribers.’. I even give the ‘I’m waiting to finish my fiction book.’ answer. All these answers are true of course. They are not empty answers I say to get my family off my back. I don’t really care about money at the moment. Sure I have made a little money from coaching and my books but not enough to say ‘I’m making a living from my writing!’. When that […]

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