Nicole CappelleriWelcome Creatives!

I believe you have discovered me for a reason.


Who am I?

Nicole Cappelleri is a writer, author and graphic designer for people who want to write and self-publish books. Through her blog posts and books she’s here to help you build your creative empire one word at a time. All graphics and book covers are designed by Nicole. When she’s not writing and creating books you can find her indulging in pasta, chocolate and the occasional Mojito.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and start self-publishing now!

Where am I from?

I live in my hometown Melbourne in Australia. My parents are of English/Irish and Italian descent.

Why do I have such a long name and what happened to N.C Harley?

I apologise in advance for the long Italian last name. Cappelleri is pronounced Cap-pell-airie. I’m currently transitioning from my pen name N.C Harley to my real name Nicole Cappelleri. To find out more click here.

Whats my why?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been the arty and creative type. I spent far too many years pursuing the wrong degree, career and life path which is why I’m doing it now and why I don’t want to see anybody else go through what I did!

Where can you find all my books?

A good place to start is here or you can go to my Amazon Author Page.

Want to connect with me?

Feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook or Twitter.