Recently I had to admit something to myself I didn’t want to. I had grown out of the genre my fiction book is classified in. I had been tip-toeing around this issue for a while. Why? Because I’m not a quitter and I didn’t want to drop the project after so many years of writing it! At times I had felt it was a monster. Constantly on my mind. You know when a project just can’t get out of your head and the more you don’t work on it the more it pulsates.

So I’ve been writing this chick lit novel now for 4 years on and off part time. I read chick lit every now and then, not for pleasure but more for research. I know what you are thinking this kind of reading is bad. Very bad. I agree but after admitting this truth to myself I realised I was never going to quit. I have to finish it. No matter what. It’s a 86,000 word rough 2nd Draft so this is entirely possible. I’m still proud of it and love the ideas behind it but I’m not madly passionate about it anymore.

mushroom-14I also came to another realisation. Growing is normal. In fact you should be worried if you don’t grow while writing a book. So how do you embrace it? It’s natural to want to fight it. Keep comfortable and stay just the way you are. Its a Battle of the ego and self I guess.

Here are 12 ways to Embrace Growing as a writer:

These can also be applied for artists and creatives alike.

  1. Accept losing interest or gaining an interest in a different genre is only natural.
  2. Go to an Exhibition at an Art gallery and watch how an artists work evolves over time.
  3. Keep a journal so you can become more aware and write things out a you go.
  4. Accept the fact you don’t like the same things you use to.
  5. Accept the mystery of writing and Ideas. Nobody knows why you need to work on something and not what you ought to be working on.
  6. Prevent being a perfectionist at all times. This is will only stunt your growth.
  7. Start thinking change is improvement.
  8. Start thinking growth is imperative to your survival. If you are not growing you are not moving.
  9. Accept life comes up or circumstances change. You may not have the time you use to or vice versa.
  10. Aim always to confront something in your past. This way growing pains don’t feel so harsh. People respond when you bleed on the page. Embrace confrontation.
  11. Accept Imperfection is a Gift.
  12. Prevent falling in love with your book. One must be able to stop and start projects at the drop of a hat. Think in terms of a body of work instead of The Book.

Growing pains are bound to happen. You are on a journey.  You might be self-destructing writing your memoir or self-instructing writing a How to Guide. Either way when you write you are growing. Changing if you like. Ideas you thought were incredible 2 years ago no longer interest you. Its hard to accept but it must be embraced or else we give in to procrastination and our work stay in us instead of spreading.

So I’m embracing the way I feel and writing anyway!

Would love to know how you are embracing your growth as a writer?